Our Staff

Corporate Services
P.O. Box 23009 • Nashville, TN 37202 • Phone 615-259-2525 • Fax 615-259-3428
Tim Meaders President P: 615-925-0395 F: 615-259-3428 tmeaders@ndiof.com
Stephen Foster Director of IT and Marketing P: 615-259-2525 ext. 1117 F: 615-577-1611 sfoster@ndiof.com
Jeanette Robinson Accounting/HR Manager P: 615-259-2525 ext.1115 F: 615-238-0168 jrobinson@ndiof.com
Cindy Sherwood Accounts Receivable/Payable P: 615-259-2525 ext. 1116 F: 615-238-0168 csherwood@ndiof.com
Babs Jackson Receptionist P: 615-259-2525 ext. 1120 F: 615-259-3428 bjackson@ndiof.com
Vicki Morrison Credit Manager P: 615-525-3473 F: 615-627-5917 vmorrison@ndiof.com
Eastern Division
1414-A 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37210 • Phone 1-800-229-3375 • Fax 1-888-206-3127
Buffy Hotard Eastern Division CSR Manager P: 615-259-2525 ext.1108 F: 615-259-3428 bhotard@ndiof.com
Sally Walsh Eastern Division Assistant CSR Mgr P: 615-259-2525 ext 1107 F: 615-259-3428 swalsh@ndiof.com
David Brown Eastern Division CSR P: 615-259-2525 ext 1111 F: 615-259-3428 dbrown@ndiof.com
Sarah Bulla Eastern Division CSR P: 615-259-2525 ext.1121 F: 615-259-3428 sbulla@ndiof.com
Joseph Upshaw Birmingham Branch Manager P: 205-322-2525 ext.2102 F: 205-322-7559 jupshaw@ndiof.com
Mickey Gladney Eastern Division Warehouse/Parts P: 205-322-2525 ext. 2105 F: 205-322-7560 mgladney@ndiof.com
Joe Frazer Wildwood Branch Manager P: 352-689-0276 F: 352-689-0277 jfrazer@ndiof.com
Gene Marsh Wldlwood Warehouse P: 352-321-0498    
Alex Bencosme Wildwood Warehouse P: 352-464-2888    
Western Division
5199 Pulaski Street, Dallas TX, 75247 • Phone 1-800-948-9799 • Fax (214) 638-4363
Jeff Hill Regional Sales Manager P: 214-631-6900 F: 214-638-4363 jhill@ndiof.com
Elisha Rodriguez Western Division Branch Manager P: 214-631-6900 F: 214-638-4363 erodriguez@ndiof.com
Tricia Cowan Western Division CSR P: 214-631-6900 F: 214-638-4363 tcowan@ndiof.com
Janie Elizaldi Western Division CSR P: 214-631-6900 F: 214-638-4363 jelizaldi@ndiof.com
Mark Robers Dallas Warehouse P: 214-631-6900 F: 214-638-4363 mroberts@ndiof.com
Territory Sales Representatives
Pat Henin Territory Sales Manager (TX, OK, AR) P: 214-632-0031   phenin@ndiof.com
Kenya Selman Territory Sales Manager (South TX) P: 713-252-4640   kselman@ndiof.com
Tommy Bowles Territory Sales Manager (LA, MS) P: 504-261-4629   tbowles@ndiof.com
Joe Perry Territory Sales Manager (GA, AL, East TN) P: 678-428-7750   jperry@ndiof.com
Bill Fox Territory Sales Manager P: 615-482-5122   bfox@ndiof.com
Rick Sollman Territory Sales Manager (FL, South GA) P: 352-328-7523   rsollman@ndiof.com
Chip Chlapowski Territory Sales Manager (South FL) P: 727-906-2585   cchlapowski@ndiof.com
Talia Thompson Territory Sales Manager (AR, OK) P: 501-747-4440   tthompson@ndiof.com
Travis Speier Territory Sales Manager (TN, East AR) P: 615-946-8098   tspeier@ndiof.com
Transportation Specialists
Jim Johnson Transportation Manager P: 615-924-1536   jjohnson@ndiof.com
Charles Hilliard Transportation Specialist P: 504-452-5608  
Rickey Gleaves Transportation Specialist P: 615-306-0027  
Neal Mayben Transportation Specialist P: 205-585-7711  
Gary Little Transportation Specialist P: 214-693-4718  
Robert Young Transportation Specialist P: 817-706-3897  
Jesse Kelley Transportation Specialist P: 352-346-8845
George Smith Transportation Specialist P: 352-453-6115
James Franz Transportation Specialist P: 205-675-8301
Alberto Fiscal Transportation Specialist P: 469-583-5848