Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

Three-in-One Design (L-Frame, V-Frame, I-Frame)

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The NDI+ 3-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame allows the user to switch among L-Shape, V-Shape, and I-Shape to suit their preference. Our height adjustable desk enables a user to effortlessly sit or stand, encouraging healthy movements throughout the day. With a clean, universal aesthetic, the height adjustable desk is easily incorporated into any office or home environment.


  • Can be arranged as L-Shape, V-Shape, or I-Shape.
  • Triple-Motor system enables a more stable adjustment.
  • Three programmable memory presets and sit / stand reminder system.


Max. Load Capacity: 330lbs / 150kg
Speed: 38 mm/s
Power Type: 100-127V / 200-240V
Decibel: <50db
Stroke: 25.6″ / 650mm
Height Range: 22.8″-48.4″ / 580-1230mm
Recommended Tabletop Dimensions:

  • 90°: 51.2″ – 74.8″ / 1300-1900mm, (2 sides) 23.6″-31.5″ / 600-800mm
  • 120°: 43.3″-70.9″ / 1100-1800mm, 23.6″-31.5″ / 600-800mm
  • 180°:66.9″-114.2″ / 1700-2900mm, 23.6″-39.4″ / 600-1000mm


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